Erik Trinidad
Erik Trinidad WriterNew York

Freelance travel journalist and video producer Erik Trinidad may be based in Brooklyn, but he spends a lot of time criss-crossing the globe in search for high adventure, exotic food, and scientific curiosities. His credits include National Geographic and

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Nicola Bailey
Nicola Bailey Photo EditorNew York

Nicola is an award-winning photographer who lives between her homes in Sydney, Australia and New York City. She has a particular interest in remote and challenging locations, and the visual stories that come out of them.

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James Stewart
James Stewart WriterLondon

James Stewart is a journalist who writes for UK newspapers and magazines such as the Sunday Times, Guardian, Telegraph, and Wanderlust. A sailor, surfer and diver, he practically has salt water for blood.

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John Borthwick
John Borthwick WriterSydney

John Borthwick is one of Australia’s leading freelance travel writers. His work appears in The Weekend Australian, Fairfax Traveller and color magazines—all of which keeps him too long away from surfing good waves or hiking some gob-smacking coastline.

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Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart WriterMelbourne

Jo Stewart is an Australian travel writer who lives in Melbourne, but spends an inordinate amount of time at airports. Having visited all seven continents, Jo is comfortable mixing it at both ends of the travel spectrum.

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Noah Charney
Noah Charney WriterSlovenia

Noah Charney is a professor of art history and an internationally best-selling author. He is founder of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art, and writes regularly on art and culture for Salon, The Observer, and the Guardian. He lives in Slovenia with his family and hairless dog, Eyck.

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Ash Bhardwaj
Ash Bhardwaj WriterLondon

Ash Bhardwaj is a travel writer, adventure filmmaker, and motivational speaker based in London. He has filmed in mountains, jungles, and deserts, and is now on a quest to meet his heroes and learn new skills.

Taryn Stenvei
Taryn Stenvei WriterMelbourne

Taryn is a freelance writer, editor and sometimes music manager from Melbourne. She previously edited Beat Magazine and was the founding editor of travel title AWOL. Now she spends her time typing at home, turning records over and talking to her dog.

Jody MacDonald
Jody MacDonald PhotographerIdaho

Jody MacDonald is an award-winning adventure sport and documentary photographer. For the last decade, she was the resident photographer on a 60-foot catamaran on a global kiteboarding, paragliding and surfing expedition to explore the wildest corners of the planet.

Max Olijnyk
Max Olijnyk WriterNew Zealand

Max Olijnyk is a writer, editor, photographer, and ageing skateboarder. He used to live in Melbourne, but now lives in Featherston, New Zealand with his family. His first book Some Stories was released in 2016. His favorite place to travel to is, predictably, New York City.

Marianna Jamadi
Marianna Jamadi PhotographerCalifornia

Marianna Jamadi is a half-Finnish, half-Indonesian, globetrotting photographer in search of authentic experiences. Nomadic in spirit, but steady in heart, she is based in Long Beach, CA, when she is not crossing borders and oceans.

Kellie Lafranchi
Kellie Lafranchi PhotographerMelbourne

Kellie Lafranchi is a Melbourne-based freelance photographer always chasing light with camera in hand. Inspired by nature and a curiosity of the world, she specializes in documenting compelling visual subjects and the stories that unfold through them.