is exploring a more conscious and curious future of travel. It’s for people who see their time on this fantastic and fragile planet as an invitation to see, do and learn more—whether in their own backyard or halfway across the world. It’s for those concerned with not just where they’re going, but how and why they’re going, too. 

Our mission

Through our mix of travel and adventure journalism, reportage, profiles, photography and opinion, we’re seeking to shine a light on more community-friendly and climate-conscious methods of exploring the world, and champion the people, initiatives and ideas that are making them possible. We’re also aligning our business practices with our ethics, and will be working continuously to find new ways to maximize our positive impacts. To put it simply: we’re striving to be the best travel publication for the world.

Our impact

We believe storytelling has a pivotal role to play when it comes to creating a more responsible future of travel. We seek to minimize the negative environmental and social impacts of travel while maximizing the positive. We work to reduce emissions generated by our storytelling practices (through our sustainability commitments and Contributor Impact Guidelines) and we offset any emissions via our parent company, Intrepid. While will always be free to access, we encourage readers to contribute through our Pay it Forward subscriptions, of which 100% of proceeds go directly to our charity partner, the Intrepid Foundation, which improves livelihoods through sustainable travel experiences. It’s like the world’s most impactful magazine subscription. 

Our team is run by a small global team of editors: Oliver Pelling in Melbourne, Meera Dattani in London and Lauren Steele in Salt Lake City. Our photo editor, Nicola Bailey, is based in Sydney. contributors hail from all over the world, and we’re always excited to hear from new writers and photographers. You can contact us anytime on (please allow up to a week for a response).

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This is a long journey. And while we hold ourselves to a high standard, and we are committed to getting better, we know we won’t always get it right. We believe in being held accountable for the work we put into the world (you can find our Editorial Standards here), and our readers are invited to email us at any time on with thoughts, comments or suggestions about how we can be better and do more.