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    Videos, photos and first-person written pieces from the adventure community

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    Skydiving Hungover in Namibia

    An intrepid traveller’s story of skydiving in Namibia after a night of Tequila shots.

    Around the world with Hemingway

    The inspiration for travel can come to us in many different ways — maybe from hearing friends’ travel tales, or stumbling across maps, or discovering movies set in faraway lands. For me, much of my travel inspiration comes through the books I read. Indeed, it works both ways: books can both be the point of […]

    6 Cities Best Explored Underground

    Sometimes, the best views of a city aren’t from above, but from below. From underground bunkers to subterranean villages, many of the world’s great cities are home to some surprising finds beneath their streets. Here are six places where the best views are under your feet. Budapest, Hungary If you’re not scared of the dark […]

    A local’s guide to Prague street art

    My credentials as a street artist are as follows: Once upon a time (22 years ago, to be exact), on a nice sunny day after school, my friend and I found our way home through forests, abandoned industrial areas, and all those zones that little rascals like to explore — and mark. It didn’t strike […]

    Drive, Sleep, Rupeet

    Learning how to drive a beat up rickshaw and race it around India

    Annapurna Gets Green Light

    It’s official: Annapurna is safe for travellers to return. Here’s everything you need to know.


    O’Neill challenged six filmmakers to rethink the genre of surf films and the only way we can describe the latest short from Sundance award winning director Stefan Nadelman for O’Neill’s UNREASONABLE film festival is that it’s an art trip with equal parts art and trip. It’s like surfing’s version of Valhalla, if Valhalla were a montage […]

    Aerial Cape Town, South Africa

    A short aerial film showing the beauty of Cape Town and its surrounding area, including Lion’s Head, Table Mountain, Cape Point, Hout Bay, Simon’s Town, and Seal Island. Footage includes great white sharks from above at Seal Island, an aggregation of spotted gully sharks / sharptooth houndshark (Triakis megalopterus) in the surf near Cape Point […]

    Hymn to Jordan

    Produced in partnership with Jordan Tourism, this video by StoryTravelers aims to showcase the sights, sounds, people and history of Jordan through the eyes of travellers reconnecting with a destination close to their heart, even if they’d never been there before. “We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling […]

    Adventure in Jordan

    With its rich history and culture, Jordan holds a fascination for adventurers and travellers around the world. Filmmaker Pete R. put this video together after travelling through Amman, Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba and camping in Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark.

    Mongolian Bling

    Did you know Mongolia had a thriving hiphop scene? Neither did we, or most people we suspect, but it’s true and it’s probably way more interesting than the hiphop scene in your home town. “Forget about nomads and monks! It’s hip hop that’s making Mongolia move in the 21st century. Mongolian Bling jumps into the […]


    The wild beauty, massive scale and sheer remoteness of Mongolia has been capturing the imagination of adventurers for centuries. This aerial video by Tim Browning elegantly captures Mongolia from the air and gives just a glimpse into what life is like in this ancient land.

    Colors & Evasion — La Guadeloupe

    Aerial drone video of Guadeloupe filmed with the DJI Phantom 2. Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France located in the leeward islands of the Antilles in the Caribbean.

    Aerial Hawaii

    Aerial drone video from Hawaii shot on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional by Mathias Petterson.

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional

    The new Phantom 3 Professional from DJI is the world’s most advanced yet affordable drone you can buy. It comes out of the box ready to fly with 4K video, 3 axis gimbal, auto take-off, auto return-home, advanced flight planning, vision positioning for indoor use where GPS is unavailable and a ton of other features that […]

    No Barriers

    For Erik Weihenmayer, going blind wasn’t the end of his adventures — it was only the beginning.
    Photos by James Q. Martin

    Nepal, I Love You

    Nepal holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the team at Camp4 Collective. They were in the Everest region shooting a documentary of the Sherpa people during the 2014 season when the avalanche occurred that killed 16 Sherpas. Camp4’s Renan Ozturk also lived in Kathmandu and was previously an instructor at the […]

    Strong to the Finish

    Strong To The Finish will be a feature documentary following the triumphs and heartbreaks of 40 year old Brian Hunter and his young family as he attempts to run 1,500 miles across Mongolia. It is a heroic test of physical and emotional endurance all for his mission to raise funds and awareness for the children […]

    Keep Exploring — Brice Portolano

    A 3 weeks adventure with the French photographer Brice Portolano backpacking in the wilderness of British Columbia. After a week on Vancouver Island, Brice hiked in the South Chilcotin mountains with the aim of reaching the highest summits. Directed, filmed & edited by Mathieu Le Lay – mathieulelay.com | facebook.com/mathieulelayfilmmaker Photographer Brice Portolano – briceportolano.com | facebook.com/brice.portolano *** With the support […]

    Spirit Canoe

    “SPIRIT CANOE is the mystic journey of a man who is in search of himself and navigating through a passage with the memories of his once self and a special figure who lingers in his soul. He is setting out on a quest, armed with his old map and small canoe, to venture the river […]

    Full Moon Silhouette

    Full Moon Silhouettes is a real time video by award-winning photographer Mark Gee of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand. Mark painstakingly planned the shoot around the phase and cycle of the moon, calculating exactly where it would be and where/when he would need to be in order to […]

    Parahawking in Nepal

    If you’ve ever wanted to soar through the sky with the birds, have a look at parahawking — the combination of paragliding and falconry. From the Parahawking Project website: “In an effort to advance the interaction between man and bird, and to provide a unique opportunity to interact with birds of prey in their own […]

    Frames of Life

    7stories is a project from Turismo de Canarias to rediscover the landscape and people of the 7 Canary Islands through the eyes of 7 young and influential filmmakers on Vimeo. The whole series is a beautiful journey through a place not many people know much about, but this film in particular caught our attention.

    Eylenda — Iceland 4K

    “Far in the eternal yonder sea your island wakes.” — Stephan G. Stephansson

    Go Cuba

    “We danced and partied at the infamous Las Parradillas fiesta on Christmas eve, I caught a type of poison ivy from brushing the venemous Guao plant (while trying to get some footage), and we got lost wandering through the old Havana streets meeting fantastic people along the way. If you get the chance to visit […]

    Nepal Times

    Nepal is a beautiful country and is still on a long road to recovery. Tourism is Nepal’s largest source of income so the best way to actually help the country long-term is to invest in its future and actually travel there. Darrell Wade, the co-founder of Intrepid Travel (the largest tour operator in Nepal), recently wrote this […]


    “This is a short montage film from our ‘bottom up’ motorcycling trip of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia using a GoPro Hero 3+ camera and a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. (More of my videos are available on twowheelednomad.com and the Facebook page ‘Two Wheeled Nomad‘.)”

    Do you have what it takes to be an adventure photographer?

    The North Face athlete and professional photographer Jimmy Chin shares a little behind-the-scenes action about what it takes to keep up with the world’s top adventure athletes and how he balances his life of adventure and a family back home.

    Burma Sailing

    The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar is one of the last great unexplored regions of the world. With over 800 islands, most of which are uninhabited, you can’t help but feel like a modern day Robinson Crusoe as you sail from island to island, exploring untouched beaches and snorkelling pristine coral reef systems. The only other […]

    OCEAN GRAVITY – Guillaume Néry / Julie Gautier

    Renowned freediving artists Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier have followed up their incredible Free Fall film with this even more epic film called Ocean Gravity. “Ocean Gravity is a short film that rewrite the rules of the underwater world and takes us this time into the world of the weightlessness. Just like in the space, […]


    “We started from Ushuaia in Argentina and went to Port Williams in Chile, rounded Cape Horn and crossed the Drake Passage towards the Melchior Islands in Antarctica. We spent 16 days in the Antarctic and got to experience the most amazing scenery and wildlife before we returned back to Ushuaia.” Film by Kalle Ljung

    GoPro: CJ Hobgood’s Winning Wave – GoPro Challenge Fiji

    CJ Hobgood wins the ASP GoPro Challenge surfing the ever majestic Cloudbreak wave in Fiji and takes home $10K for this sick sunlit barrel.

    The British Virgin Islands Epic Adventure

    Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach and perfect weather? Adventuring around a Caribbean paradise sounds like a pretty sweet combo if you ask us. Filmmaker and adventurer Benjamin Williams travelled to the British Virgin Islands and shot this beautiful film to capture the various activities and adventures you can get up to in the islands.

    A New Perspective

    “We see this world in so many ways. But it can be seen in so many more.”