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    Discover the Undiscovered

    Adventure.com and Land Rover have curated a selection of adventures and stories to help you discover the undiscovered.

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    Aerial View of Machu Picchu from a DJI Phantom Drone

    Drone’s-eye-view of Machu Picchu in Peru from Wayna Picchu — the taller, harder, way more dangerous-er peak right beside Machu Picchu.

    Shooting Two Worlds

    Photographer Owen Perry describes the process you should take when setting out on an exploration to capture extraordinarily rare photos. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Clark Little on staring down shorebreak for the perfect shot

    “Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it’s all in a good day’s work. But the Waimea addict didn’t grow up snapping shots with his father’s camera like so many […]

    You Are What You Watch | James Morgan Photography

    James Morgan is an award-winning photo journalist whose work has been featured in National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC, Sunday Times and many others. His images regularly lead campaigns for the World Wildlife Fund and USAID and are published and exhibited around the world. This short is a portfolio of his 2012 photography and video vignettes. […]

    On Top of the World

    Two young filmmakers invited 11 individuals to join an adventure across Europe to find something we all seem to be searching for. This film tells their unscripted story carried by an original soundtrack performed by a live orchestra.

    A fast, sound boat

    Kayak builder and wilderness photographer Kiliii Fish explains the importance of getting out and being a part of the natural world. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Glowing Waters

    Watch as adventurous photographer Owen Perry follows his curiosity out to the Pacific Northwest to capture the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Owen is joined by Marine Biologist, Mariana Fuentes to explain the science of bioluminescence and Kiliii Fish, a Kayak Builder & Wilderness Photographer, who guides the group to capture the perfect shot. Due to […]

    Infographic: Drone laws and tips for safe flying

    We love drones. More accurately, we love the footage and photos that can only be captured with drones. We love drones and aerial filmmaking so much that we’ve even created a whole collection on this very topic, titled the New Perspectives collection and partnered with DJI, the most reputable company in the space, to show […]

    Thailand 4.0

    We love Thailand — the beaches, the weather, the culture, the people, the food… Something about travelling in Thailand makes you want to stay forever, which is why it’s so difficult to watch this video without wanting to immediately pack a bag.

    Cheetah vs. Drone in South Africa

    As drones become more popular with photographers and travellers, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the practical applications of the technology. From assisting in search and rescue operations to surveying agriculture and real estate, we’re only at the beginning of what’s sure to be an explosion of both consumer and professional applications for drone technology. That’s […]

    Down to Nothing

    We eagerly followed along Renan Ozturk‘s intermittent dispatches from Myanmar when he and The North Face climbing team led by Hilaree O’Neill were attempting to summit Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar, considered Southeast Asia’s highest peak at the bottom of the Himalayan range. Their adventure was chock full of unexpected challenges and realizations, both physical and […]

    Floating Above Bora Bora

    Renowned travel photographer Trey Ratcliff put together this video of flying over Bora Bora with his DJI Phantom quadcopter. Bora Bora is already a stunning place to look at in photos & videos, but this is aerial perspective somehow makes it even more gorgeous. You can see more of Trey’s work at his site: StuckInCustoms.com

    Faces of Nepal

    “The beauty of the Nepali people shown through an array of video portraits. These type of portraits involve a certain amount of trust between those being filmed and the filmmaker. Such portraits bring an intimate and human perspective towards complete strangers.” Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Jeremy Snell

    The Wall of Death

    The Ken Fox Troupe is one of the last remaining traditional families of daredevil wall riders to travel Europe and the British Isles. This interesting documentary goes behind the scenes about what life is like as a travelling motorcycle daredevil team, one of the less conventional career choices out there.

    In Havana

    Photographic journey through Havana, Cuba by Ezaram Vambe  

    The American Dream

    “Once we went over that fence, our trip through America began.”

    Adventure is Calling

    Shane Black and two of his close friends quit their jobs and travelled across the US in a van to live a life of adventure and offer photo workshops along the way. Adventure calls each of us in different ways, how you answer is up to you. Description from Shane: “This summer, two friends and […]

    Los Angeles

    The latest aerial exploration from Ian Wood explores LA like you’ve never seen it before. Description from Ian: “This is the city-wide follow up to my aerial exploration of downtown Los Angeles from last year (vimeo.com/101231747). And much like with downtown, I continue to be awe struck by how much of this vast city I […]

    Mark Mahoney’s LA Stories

    Adventure isn’t just mountains and Redbull. Adventure is more than just activities that test your physical limits. Adventure is also pushing yourself in ways you didn’t think your mind, body and soul could go. It’s doing things differently, despite what anyone else says. Tattooist to Brad Pitt and muse to Lana Del Rey, Mark Mahoney […]

    A Brief Tale of Time

    A story of exploration, adventure, and time. This video was a labor of love, created from footage my girlfriend (@hfederico) and I (@matt_andrew) shot throughout South Africa, Hawaii and New York. Through our blog, There They Go (@andtheretheygo & andtheretheygo.com) we hope to encourage others to get out and use the time you have on […]

    Azerbaijan — The Land of Fire

    “The personal project started out as an idea – why not travel around Azerbaijan for a month and create a video showing how beautiful the country is. A major improvement to the idea came with a thought of using a drone for aerial footage and using camera angles no one used there before. But the […]

    Discover the #Undiscovered: Surf to Soil

    Watch as five strangers head out on a meal sharing adventure from New York City to a farm in the black dirt region of Goshen, New York. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Wulingyuan 武陵源

    “One of the most beautiful places I have seen, the views are breathtaking no matter what direction you look at. A truly Avatarish looking landscape. Amazing too, how they made the mountains and peaks accessible for the people. I got these shoots on a 5 day trip to the park and surroundings. I was afraid […]


    See the beautiful island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands from an aerial perspective in 4K resolution. The volcanic island of Rarotonga stands over 14,750 feet (4,500 meters) above the ocean floor. It is 32 km (20 miles) in circumference and has an area of 67.19 km² (26 square miles). At a depth of 4,000 […]

    GoPro: Duct Tape Surfing

    Pascale Honore’s dream of surfing was derailed after a car accident left her paraplegic. That was until family friend Tyron Swan came up with a unique solution. Watch Pascale’s dream become a reality with a little help from Tyron and a duct tape harness.

    The Holy Grayl of Water Filters

    Ever been so thirsty while travelling that you’d rather drink beer instead of the local water? Not a fan of being part of the disposable plastic bottle problem? Hate having to boil water for 10 minutes to remove bacteria then be forced to drink hot water? Iodine tablets taste as bad to you as they […]

    AINA: That Which Feeds Us

    ʻĀINA (pronounced “eye-nah”) means “That Which Feeds Us” in the Hawaiian language. The film highlights a way to address some of the most pressing environmental and health crises facing the island of Kauai – and of island Earth. That may sound like an outstanding claim, but as ʻĀINA vividly illustrates, such is the power of […]


    “Kinabuhi is a story about Filipino Coconut Farmers struggling to survive a Way-of-Life exploited by industrial agriculture and crippled by disasters like Typhoon Haiyan.”


    “I have a theory that we can choose if our sky is starry or not.”

    Patagonia 8K

    Patagonia 8K explores the beautiful and rough landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina. Shot in 8K resolution on a medium format camera it’s aimed to deliver the most realistic experience.

    The Chase

    “I turned 40 years old this year and I told my wife all I wanted was 10 days chasing on the plains.”


    “A short film about crafting objects at sea, in the past with whale’s teeth and the future with caught plastic melted with a machine harnessing the sun. Gyrecraft is an exploration into maritime crafts which exists in every coastal or island culture around the world each with its own unique identity, utilising what the sea […]

    A Day in India

    This short film compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into “one day”. Created by: theperennialplate.com In Partnership with Intrepid Travel: intrepidtravel.com/win-italy-trip Filmed & edited by: Daniel Klein ( twitter.com/perennialplate/ ) Mirra Fine ( twitter.com/kaleandcola/) Music by: The Guadaloop: rawtapes.bandcamp.com/album/the-guadaloop-in-desired-in-the-3-worlds aaronmaxwell: tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/listen-aaronmaxwell-sunsets After Effects by: squawkproductions.com/

    One Flew Over Iceland

    We can never get enough Iceland. Filmed in January 2014, this aerial view of Iceland captures the epic landscapes and wildlife with beautifully smooth, sweeping motion. Shot on a DJI Phantom 2.

    Skydiving Hungover in Namibia

    An intrepid traveller’s story of skydiving in Namibia after a night of Tequila shots.

    Around the world with Hemingway

    The inspiration for travel can come to us in many different ways — maybe from hearing friends’ travel tales, or stumbling across maps, or discovering movies set in faraway lands. For me, much of my travel inspiration comes through the books I read. Indeed, it works both ways: books can both be the point of […]

    6 Cities Best Explored Underground

    Sometimes, the best views of a city aren’t from above, but from below. From underground bunkers to subterranean villages, many of the world’s great cities are home to some surprising finds beneath their streets. Here are six places where the best views are under your feet. Budapest, Hungary If you’re not scared of the dark […]