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What does adventure mean to you?

“It’s any experience that makes the heart thump a little louder in your chest. It can be different for everyone—it could mean getting lost in Venetian alleyways or canoeing the backwaters of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

The important thing is to push your boundaries; to step over the circle of safe, so that you’re continually growing. Us humans were born to move; sit still and you stagnate.”

Contributor Emma Thomson
Contributor Emma Thomson
Contributor Emma Thomson

Emma Thomson is a respected travel writer for the UK national press, who spends roughly three-quarters of the year away on assignment covering adventurous off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Commissions have ranged from a world-first expedition crossing Namibia’s Skeleton Coast unsupported, to traveling the length of the Silk Road from Xi’an to Istanbul. A passionate advocate of responsible tourism, she has lived with families around the world from Australian Aboriginals to nomads in Mongolia, and frequently visits countries recovering from natural disaster or political upheaval, penning features that help travelers regain their trust in these destinations.

She’s also an experienced travel-writing panelist at consumer travel shows and workshops, and contributes to podcasts, radio and TV.

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