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What does adventure mean to you?

“To me, adventure is synonymous with travel—be it near or far. It ushers in a new breath, frees your mind to possibilities and calms the ever-present noise.

Adventure is inherently an education—whether you’re skiing with locals in Afghanistan, sharing medical supplies with women on the Niger, getting in the ring with Mexican wrestlers or sharing a room with your elderly, gaseous father on a cruise to nowhere… and never has it been more important. The biggest weapon in the battle against xenophobia and racism is stepping out of the familiar and embarking on an adventure into the unknown.

I believe in critical thinking and questioning the status quo. I believe religion and race are just two facets of a complex being. I believe in asking questions and understanding what is behind all of our masks because most of all, I believe in humanity… because the biggest adventure isn’t found in adrenaline-injected activities, but in seeking the humanity around us.

Life is an adventure… and adventure is life.”

Contributor Paula learns about ceramics during one of her adventures abroad.
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Paula Froelich is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist whose career spans The Guardian, Dow Jones Newswires, The New York Post, Playboy, and Newsweek.

Most recently she was the editor in chief of Yahoo Travel, launching it in 2014 to critical acclaim. At Yahoo Travel she also created and hosted ‘A Broad Abroad’ which averaged between 750,000 to one million unique viewers a week, taking viewers to places they’d never dreamed of visiting and things they’d never thought of doing like skiing in Afghanistan, dating in Jordan, or beer brewing in Greenland. Paula and her work have appeared on The View, Real Time With Bill Maher, Today, Good Morning America Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra, and The Howard Stern Show.

Originally from Ohio and Kentucky, she currently lives in New York with her lactose-intolerant dachshund, Karl.

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