Move over California, Washington and Oregon—Idaho is US’s newest burgeoning wine region where women winemakers are dominating the vineyards, finds Paula Froelich.

Sydney Nederend is an American wine prodigy. Four years ago, when Nederend was just 20 years old and a sophomore studying financial marketing and design in college, she decided she was going to start her own vineyard. She convinced her father, an Idaho farmer, to give her 20 acres of fallow land, where nothing currently grows, to plant Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes—the next year she had her first bottle under her own brand, Scoria. And it was great.

“Our land lies on a dormant volcanic vent—and it’s perfect for growing grapes,” says Nederend, who hopes to add another 80 acres of vines to her field by 2022. “When I started planting, the area was all sagebrush and cactus … now it’s vines.”