When it comes to touring the Vatican Museum, not only are there illustrations of buttoned-up cardinals and stern religious beliefs, but a revelation of underlying LGBT history. Explore the museum’s unexpected stories of gay Renaissance artists and gender-bending symbolisms.

It’s a bastion of tradition, customs and ceremony, but inside this vast 500-year-old bubble of Catholicism are symbols and stories which not everyone sees. This was a Vatican tour with a twist, one which explored the gay symbols and stories woven into centuries-renowned art. On this occasion though, I wouldn’t be using the hackneyed earpiece or private museum guide; instead, I would be admiring this collection of ancient and classical art through the alternative lens of Quiiky’s Untold History tour.

Brainchild of its CEO and founder, Alessio Virgili created Quiiky so people of any orientation can interpret the sometimes-hidden symbols inside the Renaissance masters’ works and explore the history of gay rulers during the Roman Empire.