When it comes to highlighting world issues, the art world is no stranger. And there’s a new crop of international artists tackling climate change using water as their medium to challenge how we see the world.

Climate change is even more at the top of the world agenda with the recent news that President Donald Trump announced his plan to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. This environmental accord was agreed upon by 195 countries at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to mitigate global warming.

Trump’s decision comes at a time when many scientists and environmental experts believe we should be doing more to curb climate change, not less.

Even on an issue of such importance, art has its own role to play. Artists are perfectly equipped to use their creative outlets to show support for, protest against, and spread awareness of political and global policies they are passionate about. From Pablo Picasso’s Guernica which brought attention to the victims of the Spanish Civil War, to Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With which directly addressed racism in 1960s America, great art inspires us to think, communicate and act.