What does Trump’s Cuba announcement mean for American travelers? While Trump’s Cuba policy shift is a downer, it’s not a full-stop prohibition. Here’s what you need to know—for now, at least.

Those who keep tabs on the United States’ Cuba policies had been waiting for the Trump administration’s shoe to drop since January 20, though truth be told, it took longer than many of us thought it would. The idea that Trump would permit the Obama-Castro détente, brokered by Pope Francis, to endure was inconceivable. The only question was: Exactly how much would Trump roll back?

The answer came last Friday… sort of. In a nearly hour-long speech given in Miami, Trump announced a return to a ‘Get tough’ posture, arguing, “It’s hard to think of a policy that makes less sense than the prior administration’s terrible and misguided deal with the Castro regime.” He went on to add that “The previous administration’s easing of restrictions on travel and trade does not help the Cuban people,” seemingly unaware of the fact that just ten days earlier, Airbnb had announced that Cuban hosts in its network had earned more than $40 million in the two years it had been on the island. That’s not an insignificant sum in a country where the average monthly salary is equivalent to approximately $17 USD.