From the discovery of ancient mummies in a 3,500-year-old Egyptian tomb to where to donate to help victims of hurricanes Irma, Harvey and the Mexico earthquake—here are the stories that have people talking this week.

Trans-Siberian railway pegged to extend from London to Japan

The iconic Trans-Siberian railway could be set for a modern upgrade if plans to extend the railroad go ahead. The proposed railroad would cover some 8,400 miles and would link London to the existing Trans-Siberian railway (via Eurostar and Paris) to the Japanese island of Hokkaido, just four hours from Tokyo by bullet train.

The plan was first suggested in October 2016, but Russia have this week returned to the discussions with a more ambitious plan, while the Japanese government are interested in boosting tourism and trade via the railway. What happens next will depend on an agreement between the two countries to construct a 28-mile bridge that will allow trains to cross the East Sea, from the Russian island of Sakhalin and into Japan.