Editor’s note: This article was published before the coronavirus pandemic, and may not reflect the current situation on the ground.

Some travel the world in search of our natural wonders. Others, for food and culture. And then you have the movie buffs, who travel for the spots made famous by Hollywood heroes. Jo Stewart is one of those (and damn proud of it).

“Which hotel are you staying at while you’re in Los Angeles?”

For a split-second, I consider telling a white lie and namedropping one of LA’s cool hotels. You know the ones—hip places dripping with street cred like The Roosevelt or Chateau Marmont. Instead, I give the more complicated (and truthful) answer: I’m staying at a hotel in Burbank called the Safari Inn.

A throwback to the golden age of motor travel, the low-rise Safari Inn has been a Burbank landmark since 1955. Its kitsch neon sign stands out in a sea of nondescript office buildings and generic strip malls. Ever since irreverent crime flick True Romance was filmed here in the early ‘90s, I’ve always wanted to bed down at the Safari Inn. A trip 20-plus years in the making, it’s a miracle the small hotel was still in business.