It’s been a year since the UK voted to leave the European Union. So what happens now as Brexit negotiations begin and what’s the potential impact on UK travel and tourism?

In March, the ‘triggering’ of Article 50 officially set the Brexit process in motion. And, after months of speculation (which included a surprise general election that threw even more uncertainty into the Brexit pot), negotiations for the removal of the UK from the European Union eventually began on Monday, June 19.

But do you want your Brexit ‘hard’ or ‘soft’? That’s the question looming over the UK right now, one year since the UK voted, by 52 percent to 48 percent (on a high turnout of 72 percent), to leave the European Union (EU). And how will Brexit, in whichever form it takes, impact travel to or from the UK?

Soft or hard, it’s as confusing now as it ever was. The question may as well be, do you want your Brexit fried, poached or boiled. The current status is certainly a little scrambled.