Overnight treks, cooking classes, and two-day cycling trips are part of the growing trend and appetite for ‘microadventures’, and according to reports, this trend is on the rise.

Trend reports from ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents, and travel industry website Skift, both list microadventures as trends to watch in 2017, as tours and activities become the mainstay of many travelers’ holidays. The term ‘microadventures’ was defined by British adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys who described them as ‘small and achievable, for normal people with real lives.’

Why are they becoming more popular? It appears that as hectic lives take hold, busy holidaymakers are choosing to factor in shorter but still-exciting experiences into their holidays, or by taking a short break when a longer trip eludes them. Whether it’s a high-altitude hike or a street food tour, people are looking to add a more active element to their travels.