Travel writer Jini Reddy penned Wild Times: Extraordinary Experiences Connecting with Nature in Britain after an unexpected solo trek in the jungle transformed her fear into a new-found connection with nature, especially with the offbeat outdoor adventures close to home. 

When Jini Reddy found herself unexpectedly trekking alone in remote jungle in Guatemala, a three-hour hike to the next camp, her anxiety and fear slowly transformed into something else; a connection with nature she’d never felt before. From that moment on, she was hooked.

This unplanned event ended up marking the start of a new chapter. Fed up of airport hassles, jetlag and carbon footprint guilt, she decided to experience connections closer to home. “I was hungering for more unusual ways to connect with nature, in ways that those of us who aren’t naturalists or wildlife experts might relate to.”

It’s what eventually led the travel writer-turned-author to write Wild Times: Extraordinary Experiences Connecting with Nature in Britain, 26 tried-and-tested nature experiences across England, Scotland and Wales, which she spent five months researching. She describes Wild Times as ‘part-narrative, part-guidebook.’  Descriptive passages about each experience are followed by a practical ‘Nuts and bolts’ section on where to stay and how to get there, while ‘More wild times’ suggest other similar experiences. She also offers ‘Takeaway tips’, which is her own nifty advice on how to make the most of each experience, at the time or at home. It’s honestly written, informative with a light humorous touch, and both personal and practical.