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    Urban Adventures

    Adventure.com and Urban Adventures have curated a collection of guides, stories & ideas from locals to help you have the best day ever.

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    6 foods you have to try in India (and where to try them)

    When you think of India, you think of food. And when you think of Indian food, you think of curry – or the bland butter chicken found in food courts around the world. But like most countries you visit, there is so much more to Indian cuisine than makes it to a food court near you. […]

    Skydiving Hungover in Namibia

    An intrepid traveller’s story of skydiving in Namibia after a night of Tequila shots.

    Around the world with Hemingway

    The inspiration for travel can come to us in many different ways — maybe from hearing friends’ travel tales, or stumbling across maps, or discovering movies set in faraway lands. For me, much of my travel inspiration comes through the books I read. Indeed, it works both ways: books can both be the point of […]

    6 Cities Best Explored Underground

    Sometimes, the best views of a city aren’t from above, but from below. From underground bunkers to subterranean villages, many of the world’s great cities are home to some surprising finds beneath their streets. Here are six places where the best views are under your feet. Budapest, Hungary If you’re not scared of the dark […]

    A local’s guide to Prague street art

    My credentials as a street artist are as follows: Once upon a time (22 years ago, to be exact), on a nice sunny day after school, my friend and I found our way home through forests, abandoned industrial areas, and all those zones that little rascals like to explore — and mark. It didn’t strike […]