You won’t find Zipolite on many Mexican tour group itineraries. That’s because this sleepy seaside town, an hour and a half from Puerto Escondido, is Mexico’s one and only legal nudist beach. Our (fully clothed) correspondent, Nicola Zolin, investigates.

An orange sun is sinking under the sea and behind the rocks of Zipolite as Guillermo stands up from his beach chair, naked, to take the last swim of the day. 

“I really like clothes, but I feel much better without them,” he says, taking a deep breath and staring into the sunset.  

Guillermo arrived on Zipolite a few days ago with his friend Roberto from Mexico City, where they both work and live. “We came here because there’s no Covid,” Roberto tells me. “It’s like dipping into another world.”

Located along the Pacific coast, in the state of Oaxaca, an hour and a half south of surfing paradise Puerto Escondido, Zipolite is one of Mexico’s most peculiar beaches. It’s the only strip of sand in the country where people can (legally) swim and walk around naked.