Part-floating circus, part-nomadic community: The Sea Clown Sailing Circus is a fully-realized exercise in an alternative way of living. Photographer Nicola Zolin clambers aboard for an insight into the world of the Sea Clowns.

Every summer, the ritual repeats. Street artists, acrobats and musicians from all over the world arrive, with backpacks full of instruments, gear, colorful clothes and enthusiasm, to join the Sea Clown Sailing Circus: A nomadic circus crew that’s been sailing the Mediterranean for the last 15 years.

Some of the Clowns are Greek, most are Europeans, and others come from as far away as South America or Japan. They’re all attracted by the magic of the circus and the sea. Every year, they meet in Greece to spend their summer surrounded by waves, living in a community that’s constantly changing. Clowns come and go, but the circus keeps on sailing.