Think going waste-free when traveling is too hard? Tell that to the couple who built a solar-powered car from recycled plastic and drove it to the South Pole.

It seems like every second article on my news feed right now is about single-use plastic. And with good reason. By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish unless we take drastic action.

In fact, the focus on single-use plastic is so prominent that Collins Dictionary named ‘single-use’ its word of the year in 2018. And the European Union recently voted to ban single-use plastics by 2021. In general, the world seems to be shifting away from a philosophy of consume, consume, consume, and towards one of reduce, reuse, and recycle instead.  

While many of us are striving to be more eco-friendly—and even waste-free—in our everyday lives, can we all honestly say the same for when we’re out exploring the world? Avoiding single-use plastics entirely can be tricky at the best of times—let alone when traveling through developing nations or in more remote parts of the world.