Is this the maritime version of the Serengeti? Our featured contributor Lola Akinmade Åkerström tracks down Sweden’s own ‘Big Five’ on a seafood safari and follows her dinner from the ocean to her plate.

Martin looks over his shoulder to make sure we have properly braced ourselves as we stand scattered on the back hull of his weathered fishing trawler. Huddled alongside his cargo of about two dozen wooden fish traps were a handful of travelers, me included, donning bright yellow fishermen’s jackets and rain pants we’d borrowed from his fishing shed.

Despite our costume attempts, we clearly looked out of place on his rustic boat. With a grin of amusement, local fisherman Martin Olofsson pulled us further away from Smögen, a postcard-perfect fishing village where he has been running Smögens Fiske & Skärgårdsturer for decades alongside his father, Tommy.

The Olofsson family history of fishing dates back to the 1700s and they mostly harvest crayfish and langoustines from the depths of one of the world’s cleanest water sources—the North Atlantic Ocean, also known as the North Sea.