If you think traveling solo is a feat, how about traveling solo, across four continents, with a degenerative disease in your carry-on luggage? Here’s how a 53-year-old woman part-exchanged round-the-clock care for a round-the-world ticket.

In northern Norway, far above the Arctic Circle, an Australian woman is holding on for dear life as she hurtles across the immaculate, ice-white landscape on the back of skidoo.

Behind her, in New South Wales, a divorce and an empty nest. Ahead, a date with the northern lights, and the promise of more adventures. She’s made it this far entirely on her own—and she’s not about to let a ‘silly little thing’ like multiple sclerosis spoil her fun now.

The back of a skidoo in northern Norway isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a woman with a degenerative disease like multiple sclerosis (MS). But then, Annie Simpson had decided to do things differently.