It began with a bicycle trip around Cornwall as a teenager—now she’s motorcycled solo in Iran. That’s just how our Trailblazer Lois Pryce— writer, filmmaker and co-founder of the Adventure Travel Film Festival—rolls. The fast-wheeling adventurer is hard to chase down, but chase we did.

Working for the BBC’s record label might be a dream job for some, but for Lois Pryce, there just wasn’t enough excitement there to keep her in one place. “I spent most of my time wondering how I had washed up in this jargon-infested cubicle hell,” says the music-obsessed author.

Armed with a motorcycle license, and at the cusp of turning 30, Pryce wanted an adventure. She sold her vintage British motorcycle which she used to scoot around London—one she hadn’t even ridden outside the city—and bought a small trail bike, a Yamaha XT225. But Pryce didn’t just ride around the UK. No, she left her job to ride 20,000 miles from Alaska to Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina, and the southernmost town in the world.

Africa beckoned next, on a bigger motorcyle, and then a solo ride around Iran, a country which captured her heart and is the star of her third book, Revolutionary Ride. And together with fellow motorcycling adventurer and filmmaker Austin Vince (who also happens to be her husband), they launched the Adventure Travel Film Festival in London, Scotland and Australia.

We caught up with the roving rider to find out what made her decide to motorcycle across Iran, the biggest struggles of doing it solo, and her other surprising talent (hint: it involves playing an old-fashioned musical instrument).