The southernmost tip of Australia is (apparently) just a two-hour drive from Tasmania’s largest city, and you can stop off for cider (or apple juice, if you’re driving), sushi and platypus-spotting along the way. hits the road in disbelief.

We begin our road trip at the end. This, Cockle Creek, is where all roads in Australia cease. To head further south from here, you can choose to either swim to Antarctica or hike the South Cape Bay trail into the depths of Southwest National Park—the largest and wildest chunk of protected land on Tasmania, where even the wilderness is engulfed in wilderness.

And it’s all just a couple of hours’ drive from Hobart.

Nice place, Cockle Creek. Fairytale nice. Could-be-the-setting-for-a-Disney-movie-nice. It helps that we’ve arrived late in the day, an hour or so before sunset. Recherche Bay (of which Cockle Creek occupies the southernmost point), lovely and silent save for the waves lapping against the shore, is warmed by the gently simmering sun. Give Monet a couple of centuries and even he couldn’t paint anything quite like this.

We go for a swim, spend a while taking in the view, and watch as a small fishing boat pootles past, followed closely by a pod of dolphins. I mean, come on.