For many, traveling for work is just part and parcel of their professional life. But does it have to be, and could we be doing it better? KeepCup founder and lover of travel, Abigail Forsyth, shares some advice for adopting more responsible business travel habits. 

As told to Oliver Pelling

Travel has always been an important part of my life. I was born in Scotland, lived there until I was three, then moved out to Australia. My parents took me and my brother on a big trip when I was 13—we went around Europe and the UK for three months. It was an amazing thing to do at such a young age.

Then, when I was 18, like many Australians before me (and certainly many after), I did the whole traveling around Europe for four months with a friend. We backpacked all around Europe—Prague, Berlin, Denmark, Norway, Amsterdam, drove through Scotland and more. We missed flights, slept on airport floors, put our trust in strangers, the whole lot. It was bloody fantastic.