Deep in Pakistan’s Karakoram range, a fast-dwindling group of women tend to enormous herds of sheep, goats and yaks. Photographer Camille Delbos paid them a visit—a feat that involved a three-day drive and a 10-day hike.

Shimshal is an isolated village in a remote valley in northern Pakistan, and it’s not easily accessible. To reach Shimshal from Islamabad, it took me three days on the Karakoram Highway, more than seven identity checkpoints, many shared minibuses, and a puncture.

That’s a lot of effort to reach a place in which I don’t really know what to expect. But as the minibus hums along, and despite having to risk tumbling into the ravine to witness it, the stunning scenery from the gorges and the track—which is almost narrower than the wheels of the bus in places—gives me confidence in what lies ahead.