Last year, legendary skier Angel Collinson turned her back on the mountains, jumped in a 40-foot steel monohull boat, and sailed clear across the Atlantic. Despite being afraid of water. Here’s how she found the courage to leave one world behind to chase a new horizon.

Widely considered one of the best big mountain skiers in the world, Angel Collinson is the first woman to be nominated for (and win) Best Line at the Powder Awards. In her first year on the Freeskiing World Tour, back in 2010, she won the overall title, then backed it up with another win a year later. She’s appeared on magazine covers, starred in adventure films and was recognized by ESPN as one of the Top 50 Females in Action Sports in 2014. 

So it came as a bit of a shock in 2021, when arguably the most talented skier in a generation announced she was taking a break from the sport. Her next step? A 40-foot sailboat named Sea Bear and a trans-Atlantic crossing. In November 2021, Angel made it official, retiring from skiing for good.

We sat down with Angel to chat about skiing, sailing, and why you should be wary about turning your passion into a job.