After her own existential crisis following an adventure gone awry, new mum Kristin Kent talked to other mothers to find out how they got back on their proverbial (and literal) bikes.

I had an existential crisis on a fat bike.

After 10 months of caring for a baby, I was ready for my big ride in the Canadian Rockies. I trained hard to get my body back in shape. I was mentally ready to leave my little love for two short days.

Fast-forward to the trailhead. We’re riverside, surrounded by mountain peaks and glorious blue skies. Water droplets fall from the snow-covered pines. There’s a group of us checking our brakes and testing turns on our fat-tires—and there’s no way anyone or anything is wiping that woohoo-ing smile off my face. This is what I live for. This is who I am.

I couldn’t wait. For the first time since before my pregnancy, I was adventuring in the mountains. I was going to be me again.