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    A Brief Tale of Time

    A story of exploration, adventure, and time. This video was a labor of love, created from footage my girlfriend (@hfederico) and I (@matt_andrew) shot throughout South Africa, Hawaii and New York. Through our blog, There They Go (@andtheretheygo & andtheretheygo.com) we hope to encourage others to get out and use the time you have on […]

    Urban Exploring Underneath New York City

    Exploring deep under Riverside Park in the Amtrak tunnel. This is where the Mole People used to live and were featured in the documentary Dark Days.

    Eagle Surfing on Top of the Chrysler Building

    Moses Gates, author of Hidden Cities, INSANELY steps out onto one of the eagles outside the old observation deck (closed in 1945) of New York City’s Chrysler Building. What the?