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    A fast, sound boat

    Kayak builder and wilderness photographer Kiliii Fish explains the importance of getting out and being a part of the natural world. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered


    The Great Plains of the United States produce the most beautiful thunderstorms, supercells, and unique cloud structures in the world.

    Lightning in Super Slow Motion

    Lightning is one of the oldest observed natural experiences on earth. Yet we love watching it. Now check it out in super slow motion.

    Whale Nearly High Fives Kayaker in the Face

    When a whale goes for a high-five, never leave it hanging.

    Gabriel’s Journey to Yosemite

    Gabriel Lavan-Ying, an eight-year-old from Gainesville, Florida suffering from Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, wished to become a national park ranger.