The internet has made travel far more accessible than ever. But is there a more negative downside to all this information?

The internet has made many things, including travel, easier, safer and more accessible. But does too much information risk destroying the most rewarding aspects of travel?

For the most part, the increasing accessibility of information has helped us over the last decade. It’s helped us explain the inexplicable, avoid the catastrophic, and plan ahead. But just as we crave safety, stability and knowledge, we also crave uncertainty, adventure and the unknown; in relationships, in work, in our living situations. It seems life is one great balancing act between these two polarities.

Travel has become an acceptable place for us to exercise this desire for change. To find our way in a brand new place, to hear a different language, eat unidentifiable food. To be blissfully without information, without stability—for just long enough to realize the value of our stable, certain worlds all over again. So we travel to far-off lands and have a dalliance with the unknown.

At least, that’s the idea.