If you’ve got a couple of weeks to spare and fancy tackling something truly novel, there's a travel company that just might be able to help.

For a trip with a twist in the Amazon jungle, travel company Large Minority have come up with an idea that challenges travelers through some of the least-visited sections of the rainforest. We get the scoop from co-founders Juan Paredes and Julian Carnall.

Self-proclaimed ‘purveyors of impossible adventures’, Large Minority –an adventure travel company founded by Juan Paredes and Julian Carnall–specialize in Amazing Race-style trips which pit teams of adventurers against each other in an attempt to gain points and be crowned overall winners.

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The company’s flagship trip, the Lanka Challenge—a 1,200-kilometer self-drive tuk-tuk adventure around Sri Lanka—hit the road in 2008, and since then they’ve added more departures, more destinations, and more challenges. They launched the Philippines Sailing Challenge to great acclaim in October 2016 and, in March 2017, took a group of pioneering travelers on the first-ever Amazon Challenge.

The trip itself took place over eight days and, according to Large Minority’s social media accounts, looked nothing short of incredible. We reached out to Parades and Carnall to find out if it was, indeed, incredible.