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    # wildlife

    Humpback Whale Breaches Over Kayak

    Some lucky kayakers managed to get a really up close and personal view of a breaching humpback whale — lucky to be there, and lucky to still be here.


    In summer of 2012, Mammoth Media spent two weeks in Rwanda, Africa filming for the country’s tourism department. After delivering the finished video, they decided to create another edit to include all the bonus footage and outtakes. This isn’t the version currently playing in their airports and welcome centers.

    Cheetah vs. Drone in South Africa

    As drones become more popular with photographers and travellers, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the practical applications of the technology. From assisting in search and rescue operations to surveying agriculture and real estate, we’re only at the beginning of what’s sure to be an explosion of both consumer and professional applications for drone technology. That’s […]

    Catch Me If You Can

    Young female Ibex on the fork of Disteis (2,200 m), near the top of the Jof di Montasio (Friuli, Italy).

    Facebook Update

    Remember to put down the phone once in awhile and enjoy what’s around you.