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    Humpback Whale Breaches Over Kayak

    Some lucky kayakers managed to get a really up close and personal view of a breaching humpback whale — lucky to be there, and lucky to still be here.

    A fast, sound boat

    Kayak builder and wilderness photographer Kiliii Fish explains the importance of getting out and being a part of the natural world. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Erik Weihenmayer Knows No Barriers

    For Erik Weihenmayer, going blind wasn’t the end of his adventures — it was only the beginning.
    Photos by James Q. Martin

    Up the Creek without a Paddle

    Following the longest river in Iran from source to sea by human power.

    Sunrise Kayaker

    Girl putting on life jacket during a foggy sunrise at the Timberlock campground on Indian Lake in the Adirondack Mountains with a docked Cessna in the background.