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    Intrepid Galapagos: the adventure of a lifetime – 20 sec

    Is there anywhere else in the world quite like the Galapagos Islands? We don’t think so. Giant tortoises roam the hinterlands, penguins patrol the beaches, pelicans boobies and frigatebirds rule the skies, and each evening, the horizon boasts one of the world’s finest sunsets. It’s the ultimate Intrepid destination. And if this video doesn’t make […]

    What are the Galapagos Islands really like?

    http://www.intrepidtravel.com/galapagos The Galapagos Islands have left tens of thousands of travellers with the memories of a lifetime. And for this handful of Intrepid travellers, their visit was no different. Here’s a first-hand account of just how incredible this destination is, as told by those who have been. If the Galapagos Islands aren’t on your bucket […]

    The story of Oswaldo Noboa, a true Galapagos ambassador

    http://www.intrepidtravel.com/galapagos Oswaldo Noboa is the ultimate ambassador for the Galapagos Islands. A passionate and learned naturalist, he spends his days showing Intrepid groups the wonders of the archipelago he calls home. From the giant tortoises to the hammerhead sharks, the lava fields to the ascending volcanoes, Oswaldo loves it all. This is his story. Created […]

    Favorite Pillow

    Exhausted after another adventurous week.