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    Spotlight: Tim Kemple

    “I consider it my job to tell the story of courageous athletes who are willing to take on some of the most epic terrains in the world. But it’s more than that. It’s not just a job to me. It’s my life’s work and there isn’t any thing else that I’d rather do.” — Tim Kemple

    Spotlight: Climber, Artist and Film-maker Renan Ozturk

    His is an age old story of someone following a dream, committing to what they love, and attracting success as an almost accidental byproduct.

    On The Road

    J. G. Francis is the founder and owner of Mercedes Motoring in Glendale, California and he really, really loves cars. Specifically, Mercedes-Benz diesel cars produced between 1968-1985. He got his start by buying and restoring a used Mercedes-Benz 300SD for $700 and now he estimates he’s owned between 300-400 cars at this point. Watching this film, […]