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    Nothing Stops Detroit.

    Shot entirely on 16MM and Super 8MM film – ‘Nothing Stops Detroit’ is a short, splice-of-life film documenting Californian street artist Evan Rossell during a painting trip to Detroit City, Michigan in late June 2013.

    Transitioning from professional athlete to professional graffiti artist

    Directed by: Strictua Artist: Does / Digitaldoes D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden & Miquel Steps Editing & post-production by: Strictua Additional soccer footage: L1, SBS6 Music: Moby & Oby Nine Thanks: Mobygratis.com, Ilovegraffiti, Chas, Gomad, Ironlak, Submedia, Highly recommended facebook.com/digitaldoes digitaldoes.com facebook.com/strictua strictua.com

    Classic Wood Prints

    Classic Wood Prints is a new art form that is a unique blend of wood working and photography.