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    # alaska

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    Wispy clouds linger over the walls of the Tracy Arm Fjord in southeastern Alaska.

    Cub Scouts Honor

    While watching her mother dive for salmon in the frigid glacier water of the Crescent River, this young brown bear cub couldn’t contain her excitement and stood up on her rear legs and politely made a waving direction towards me.

    Ben Sturgulewski Cinematography Reel

    Demo reel by Sweetgrass Productions‘ photographer/writer/dp/badass Ben Sturgulewski. All shots by Ben Sturgulewski, from features, commercials, and personal projects. Filmed on location in Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia, British Columbia, Dubai, Japan, Oregon, the Maldives, and Washington State.

    The World Beyond the World

    Using text adapted from Robert Marshalls “Alaska Wilderness: Exploring the Brooks Range” (1929) and images from Expedition Arguk (2013), “The World Beyond the World” aims to celebrate that most ancient and sublime of human pleasures: moving through a mysterious, beautiful, and unknown landscape.