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    Preparing for the Adventure

    When taking a trip out to a remote location, it’s best to have a plan. Utah native and mountaineer, Caroline Gleich, gives tips on how to be equipped for the unexpected. For more information, visit LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    A Brief Tale of Time

    A story of exploration, adventure, and time. This video was a labor of love, created from footage my girlfriend (@hfederico) and I (@matt_andrew) shot throughout South Africa, Hawaii and New York. Through our blog, There They Go (@andtheretheygo & andtheretheygo.com) we hope to encourage others to get out and use the time you have on […]

    The Meaning of Adventure

    Adventure noun ad·ven·ture \əd-ˈven-chər\ Definitions for adventure: 1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks  2. the encountering of risks 3. an exciting or remarkable experience

    Google – Year in Search 2014

    It was one memorable year and Google captures it beautifully in this 90 second Year in Search recap.

    The Questions We Ask

    In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddle-board. In this award-winning short film, he contemplates the true meaning of adventure.

    Life is an Adventure

    “Life is adventure, not predicament.” ~ James Broughton