Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bears and Cubs Photo Adventure

9 Days | $10695

Dates: March 8 - 18, 2016

  • Snow & Ice
  • Explorer
  • Wildlife
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Physical Rating
Cultural Immersion
Watch Polar Bear cubs as they see the world for the very first time
Watch mom Polar Bear play and frolic in the snow with her cubs
See the Polar Bear mom nurse her cubs
This is a very special workshop with limited space. We have successfully lead over 20 people to wild polar bear dens, capturing these incredible moments between mother and cubs.

Travel with Nat Geo published nature photographer and instructor, David Hemming, to the far north of Manitoba, Canada to witness and photograph one of natures most amazing moments, a mother polar bear emerging from her den with her 3 month old cubs to show them the world for the very first time!

The air is crisp and cold. There you are out on the open tundra scanning the snow drifts and open fields for the majestic and magnificent Polar Bear. Then it happens, right before you some 100 yards away you spot a polar bear mom with her 2 cubs. Your heart skips a beat as you behold a sight that will stay with you forever. Not only will the sight stay with you forever but so will the images that you are there to capture. On this amazing trip you will go to one of the best places on the globe to see and photograph mother polar bears with their cubs. We will see them as they emerge from their dens to come outside and frolic in the snow. You will see the motherly love that mom shows her cubs as the cubs tussle and roughhouse with mom.

This destination has long been a coveted secret of naturalists and avid nature photographers. For this trip we will be adventuring out into the tundra wildnerness to set up camp at a beautifully refurbished navy communications base adjacent to Wapusk National Park and the world’s largest polar bear den area. Their lodge stands 300 feet on top of an old beach ridge located about 40 miles south of Churchill, Manitoba. Our lodge has a commanding view of the vast Hudson Bay lowlands that stretch to the seashore of Hudson Bay dotted by stands of one-sided spruce trees, tundra hummocks, small lakes and willow lined creeks. This is the home of the world’s largest land predator – – the Polar Bear. It is also habitat for the Wolf, White Fox, Caribou and Willow Ptarmigans. Experience the breathtaking beauty of this northern landscape while exploring the environment of our planets foremost Polar Bear denning area.

Dates: March 8 – 18, 2016 Limited Space

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The Itinerary

Each day

waiting for Polar Bears to emerge from den

While waiting for the Polar Bears to come out of the den we keep warm with hot drinks and good cold weather gear, when the polar bears appear, the cameras are all working the images.

Early morning

Arrival at the photo location and getting set up.

We arrive each morning via Mattrack ice vehicles and set up our photo gear in anticipation of seeing the Polar Bears.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How cold can it be?

    We are in the Arctic tundra in March so temps can be extremely cold. Proper clothing is essential for this trip. We will help you with what you need.

  • What photo equipment do I need?

    Digital slr camera bodies and a long range focal length zoom or fixed focal length lens. Tripod, extra batteries and memory cards.

  • What are the accommodations like?

    We stayt at an outpost lodge in the tundra that was at one time a navy base now converted to a lodge. The rooms are small and shared with others of the same gender in the tour. There are very clean and modern compost toilet facilities and great food!

  • Are there showers?

    No, there is no shower facility, we keep large pots of warm water on top of the wood stoves and each person has their own bowl, washcloth and towel to clean up.

  • Do we photograph from a vehicle?

    No. One of the best things about thios tour is that we are photographing from the land, not a big tundra buggy so we are at eye level with the bears.

  • What if we get too cold?

    As it can be very cold where we are shooting, we always have the mattrack vehicles close by with the heat on inside if you need to warm up.

  • How often will we see Polar Bears and cubs?

    As this is a true nature experience we cannot say how often or for how long we will see the bears and cubs. If we find a mom and her cubs and photograph them once every three days we are doing good. We have never had a trip where we did not get the chance to see and photograph the bears.

Included In The Price

  • Accommodations and all meals while at our outpost lodge
  • Expert photo instruction and guidance
  • Train ticket to Chesnaye from Churchill
  • Airport pick up and drop off

Not Included

  • International airfare to Churchill
  • Hotel the day of arrival and departure in Churchill approx $150/night
  • Food while in Churchill
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Trip insurance (you can purchase Trip insurance on

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Polar Bears and Cubs Photo Adventure

9 Days
Trip Type
  • Snow & Ice
  • Explorer
  • Wildlife
  • Physical Rating: 3/5
  • Culture Shock: 3/5
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