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    Surf culture made in Chocó

    Nestor Tello had a dream of creating a surf culture in Colombia like those found in Australia, Peru and Brazil. He bought a second-hand board, taught himself how to surf and now teaches the kids in his village because, as Nestor puts it, “surfing offers good values for life.”

    Drone footage of surfers riding 30ft waves at Teahupo’o, Tahiti

    In July 2015 a massive swell hit Teahupoo, Tahiti in French Polynesia. This swell created massive 30 foot waves surfed by Raimana, Matahi Drollet, Niccolo Porcella, Matehau Tetopata, Oliver Kurtz, Russell Bierke and more. This aerial video was filmed with a DJI Inspire and Phantom 3. Teahupoo is one of the most powerful and deadly […]

    Clark Little on staring down shorebreak for the perfect shot

    “Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it’s all in a good day’s work. But the Waimea addict didn’t grow up snapping shots with his father’s camera like so many […]

    GoPro: Duct Tape Surfing

    Pascale Honore’s dream of surfing was derailed after a car accident left her paraplegic. That was until family friend Tyron Swan came up with a unique solution. Watch Pascale’s dream become a reality with a little help from Tyron and a duct tape harness.


    O’Neill challenged six filmmakers to rethink the genre of surf films and the only way we can describe the latest short from Sundance award winning director Stefan Nadelman for O’Neill’s UNREASONABLE film festival is that it’s an art trip with equal parts art and trip. It’s like surfing’s version of Valhalla, if Valhalla were a montage […]

    GoPro: CJ Hobgood’s Winning Wave – GoPro Challenge Fiji

    CJ Hobgood wins the ASP GoPro Challenge surfing the ever majestic Cloudbreak wave in Fiji and takes home $10K for this sick sunlit barrel.


    “A brief odyssey into the world that i cherish most.” – Morgan Maassen

    Riding the Banzai Pipeline

    Three surfers riding the Banzai Pipeline, which is one of the world’s deadliest waves in the world.

    Surf Berlin

    Surf Berlin is documentary film about one man’s quest to be the first in history to document a ride on the only German wave before it, and the ship that produces it, are gone forever.

    Surfing at 1000 Frames Per Second

    Surf cinematographer Chris Bryan has released a beautiful surfing film shot at 1,000 frames per second. The six-minute short features world-class surfers.

    Enter the Silver Dragon

    A river in China is home to a surfer’s dream scenario – a wave that goes for miles.

    Urban Surfing in San Francisco

    A completely unique way to make use of the steep streets of San Francisco.

    Drone Surfing

    In June of 2014, we spent 11 days surfing the Mentawai Islands. The conditions were perfect the entire trip with light offshore winds and plenty of swell to go around.

    6-Year-Old Surfing And Skateboarding Sensation Makes Waves

    They call her The Flying Squirrel. She may well be the best six-year-old surfer and skater on the planet.

    GoPro: Kama the Surfing Pig

    Earlier this week we introduced you to a baby seal learning to surf. Now meet Kama. Kama and owner Kai Holt hit Sandy Beach for a surf session with the locals in Oahu.

    Last Ride

    There’s time for one last ride near San Diego’s Oceanside Pier.

    Folklore Surfboards

    Really cool looking surf boards courtesy of Brooklyn, New York.

    Baby Seal Learns How to Surf

    Your “aaaawwwww” moment of the day. Enjoy.

    GoPro: ‘Surfer Girl’ Alana Blanchard

    Alana Blanchard takes you on a journey around Kauai, surfing, diving, swimming, and exploring the fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands.