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    Xavier de Le Rue wants to inspire you and he’s helping to build a drone to do it

    “Rather than just inspiring people by action and by winning titles, I think in film you can bring values and it’s much more complete and powerful.” — Xavier de La Rue

    War Zone Journalist Lindsey Hilsum on Being Where History is Happening

    “History is happening right there, and people are torn apart by it. When something is happening I see no point in not being there. I want to experience it, and I want to find the people whose lives have been transformed by it. That’s what turns me on. That’s why I do it.” — Lindsey Hilsum

    Spotlight: Tim Kemple

    “I consider it my job to tell the story of courageous athletes who are willing to take on some of the most epic terrains in the world. But it’s more than that. It’s not just a job to me. It’s my life’s work and there isn’t any thing else that I’d rather do.” — Tim Kemple

    Anthony Bourdain talks travel, inspiration and which culture grills meat the best

    “I’m looking at having a good and creatively satisfying time telling interesting stories. It’s not to entertain, it’s not to enlighten, it’s not to inspire, it’s not to change behaviors. It’s to stay interested and engage myself.” — Anthony Bourdain

    Spotlight: Climber, Artist and Film-maker Renan Ozturk

    His is an age old story of someone following a dream, committing to what they love, and attracting success as an almost accidental byproduct.

    Falling Upward: the Extraordinary Ascent of Cedar Wright

    “Everybody is scared but Cedar doesn’t even flinch. He just takes the rack and charges — leg tapping up the wall, holds flying off, no gear.”