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    The World’s 17 Most Dangerous Foods

    Cashews. Rhubarb. Star fruit. Elderberries. Did you know those are all poisonous? Neither did we. Fortunately you probably wouldn’t have found out the hard way since most of the danger in these foods is eliminated prior to or during cooking, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re probably safe.

    50 Fictional Destinations You Can Actually Visit

    In case you’re interested in travelling to where some of your favourite movies, TV shows and other fictional stories were set. [via justtheflight.co.uk] Complete list of fictional destinations based on real locations: West Egg, from The Great Gatsby: Long Island, New York Walford, from Eastenders: East London, England Twin Peaks, from Twin Peaks: North Bend, […]

    12 of the world’s weirdest festivals

    In general, festivals are weird. Each festival is like a themed social experiment with its own unique rules and code of conduct. You’ve got the music festivals, where the music itself is usually the last thing people remember about the festival itself. Or Burning Man, which can’t actually be defined by anybody who’s been. Then you’ve got […]

    10 Women Whose Adventures Rewrote What It Means To Be An Explorer

    In honour of International Women’s Day, hotel & flight search site Momondo put together this infographic with the inspiring achievements of ten of history’s greatest female adventurers.

    Top 10 Countries to visit in 2015

    We came across this infographic a bit late in the year but the destinations are still relevant for the few remaining months of 2015 and onward into 2016 and beyond. Compiled from Lonely Planet ranking and produced by TourVia.me, here’s an infographic of the Top 10 countries to visit in 2015.

    Infographic: Drone laws and tips for safe flying

    We love drones. More accurately, we love the footage and photos that can only be captured with drones. We love drones and aerial filmmaking so much that we’ve even created a whole collection on this very topic, titled the New Perspectives collection and partnered with DJI, the most reputable company in the space, to show […]