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    GoPro: Duct Tape Surfing

    Pascale Honore’s dream of surfing was derailed after a car accident left her paraplegic. That was until family friend Tyron Swan came up with a unique solution. Watch Pascale’s dream become a reality with a little help from Tyron and a duct tape harness.

    GoPro: CJ Hobgood’s Winning Wave – GoPro Challenge Fiji

    CJ Hobgood wins the ASP GoPro Challenge surfing the ever majestic Cloudbreak wave in Fiji and takes home $10K for this sick sunlit barrel.

    GoPro HERO4 Session

    Looking to lighten your load while increasing your stoke? The newest GoPro is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras. It shoots 1080p 60fps (though no 4k) and is ruggedly waterproof to 30′ (10m) without the need of an external housing. The GoPro HERO4 Session goes on sale July 12, 2015. Learn more […]

    GoPro: Paraglide Rope Swing With Matthias Giraud

    Matthias Giraud meets up with friends around the Columbia River Gorge and constructs a tandem paraglide rope swing. Join the team for an adventure that took 2 years to organize and is truly one of a kind.

    GoPro: Speedflying Through Buildings

    Gage Galles takes speedflying to the next level as he swoops between two buildings.

    GoPro: 48 Day Journey in Pakistan

    Hervé Barmasse and Daniele Bernasconi embark on a 48 day journey in Pakistan ending with a climb to the summit of Solu Hidden Peak.

    GoPro: Boat Backflip

    H1 Unlimited Hydroplane boat racing is extremely dangerous and is something that should never be attempted by amateurs.

    GoPro: The Whipcracker

    Adam Winrich became fascinated with whips after seeing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he was a child. Since then he’s taken his passions for whips to the extreme, earning nine Guinness World Records and becoming a leader in the world of whipcracking.

    GoPro: Orca Rescue in 4k

    Dr. Ingrid Visser dedicates her life and her research to help the most intelligent predator on earth – Orca.

    GoPro: To Climb An Iceberg in 4K

    Hop aboard La Louise as we venture through the arctic waters of Greenland’s Disko Bay in search for the ultimate iceberg to summit with professional ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle. The icebergs are very fragile and unstable and to make it to the top the climbers must learn a valuable life lesson.

    Incredible GoPro Wildfire Footage From the Front Lines

    In the field with the Geronimo Hotshots, an elite crew of Apache firefighters battle the biggest wildfires in the nation. Home for the Hotshots is on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in southeastern Arizona, where unemployment is high, and firefighting jobs are one of the few stable opportunities for work. “Your mom, your dad, your uncles, […]

    GoPole Evo

    The new GoPole Evo offers users a two-stage telescoping pole, designed for use in water. Extending from 14 inches to 24 inches, the new Evo is much more portable than it’s fixed length predecessor.

    Grizzly Eats My GoPro

    A family enjoying a day frolicking on the river with their GoPro. Oh yeah, but they’re Alaskan Grizzlies, and the picnic is not what you’d expect.

    GoPole Reach

    GoPole Reach. 14-40″ Extension Pole. Extend the capabilities of your GoPro® by getting closer to the action and capturing unique angles.

    GoPro: Jeb Corliss Flies Through Tianmen Cave

    Take a look behind the scenes as Jeb Corliss fulfills his quest to make history. The first person to fly through Heaven’s Gate in Tianmen Mountain, China.

    GoPro: Waltz on the Walls of City Hall

    Bandaloop dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber take vertical choreography to new heights on Oakland’s City Hall during the Art + Soul Festival.

    GoPro Hero4

    GoPro HERO4 cameras take Emmy Award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level.

    Run Walter, Run!

    Walter, is a Labrador. He’s also a special dog who really loves the sea in Sicily.

    GoPro: The Canyon Gap

    Kelly McGarry flips a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage to earn a 2nd place finish.