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    Solar For Syria: In Search of Light

    “After two years of war in Syria, hundreds of thousands of people have been uprooted from their homes. Thousands of families are now living in refugee camps where they no longer have access to basic necessities such as water and electricity. Many of them arrived with nothing, having no time to take anything with them. […]

    DJI Zenmuse X5 Camera

    DJI, the world’s largest producer of aerial filmmaking equipment, has just released its latest camera for the Inspire 1 aerial platform. The Zenmuse X5 is specifically designed for aerial photography and cinematography, with a 16MP mirrorless micro four-thirds sensor that’s capable of recording lossless 4K video at 30fps, interchangeable lenses and a removable 512gb SSD. Stabilization […]

    Power to the Runner

    Engineers from the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan originally working on a wearable device to help correct your running form, have created the first power meter for runners called Stryd

    The Holy Grayl of Water Filters

    Ever been so thirsty while travelling that you’d rather drink beer instead of the local water? Not a fan of being part of the disposable plastic bottle problem? Hate having to boil water for 10 minutes to remove bacteria then be forced to drink hot water? Iodine tablets taste as bad to you as they […]

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional

    The new Phantom 3 Professional from DJI is the world’s most advanced yet affordable drone you can buy. It comes out of the box ready to fly with 4K video, 3 axis gimbal, auto take-off, auto return-home, advanced flight planning, vision positioning for indoor use where GPS is unavailable and a ton of other features that […]

    GoPro HERO4 Session

    Looking to lighten your load while increasing your stoke? The newest GoPro is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras. It shoots 1080p 60fps (though no 4k) and is ruggedly waterproof to 30′ (10m) without the need of an external housing. The GoPro HERO4 Session goes on sale July 12, 2015. Learn more […]

    Gearing Up – Ski Touring

    With snow and weather conditions varying widely between early, mid and late season, your chosen gear had better stand up to the rigors of hard use and be highly adaptable. Here are our picks for must have ski touring gear this winter.

    4 Backcountry Essentials

    4 pieces of equipment that could significantly improve your or someone else’s chances of survival in the event of an avalanche.

    DJI Phantom 2

    Step your GoPro game way up with a drone from the folks who put personal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) on the map. The DJI Phantom 2 lets you go further, longer and with more precision than its older but still respectable brother the Phantom 1. Now boasting a slightly absurd range of 1,000m (that’s about 3,281ft) […]