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    Bioluminescent Beach

    Despite the weird choice in music, poor video quality and awkward graphics — this is still one of the better videos on YouTube showing what actual bioluminescent plankton looks like in person. Filmed in San Diego, just like this other video of bioluminescent kayaking we shared previously. To understand more about bioluminescence, check out this rad […]

    Glowing Waters

    Watch as adventurous photographer Owen Perry follows his curiosity out to the Pacific Northwest to capture the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Owen is joined by Marine Biologist, Mariana Fuentes to explain the science of bioluminescence and Kiliii Fish, a Kayak Builder & Wilderness Photographer, who guides the group to capture the perfect shot. Due to […]

    Bioluminescent kayaking on Mission Bay in San Diego

    If you’ve ever seen what looks like sparks of liquid electricity while in the ocean at night, no your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. That’s bioluminescence. Put simply, it’s light emitted by living organisms. In the case of this video, the bioluminescence is caused by a rare bloom of special algae called Lingulodinium polyedrum. The algae […]