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    The Last Secret Ultramarathon: Bhutan

    What a race in the Kingdom of Bhutan: 200km and 6 stages plus the perfect scenery of one of the most unique trailrunning adventures in the world: “The Last Secret — Bhutan” is more than just a race. And for sure it is the most authentic way to see Bhutan and its gorgeous people. “The Last […]

    Thailand 4.0

    We love Thailand — the beaches, the weather, the culture, the people, the food… Something about travelling in Thailand makes you want to stay forever, which is why it’s so difficult to watch this video without wanting to immediately pack a bag.

    Wulingyuan 武陵源

    “One of the most beautiful places I have seen, the views are breathtaking no matter what direction you look at. A truly Avatarish looking landscape. Amazing too, how they made the mountains and peaks accessible for the people. I got these shoots on a 5 day trip to the park and surroundings. I was afraid […]

    Mongolian Bling

    Did you know Mongolia had a thriving hiphop scene? Neither did we, or most people we suspect, but it’s true and it’s probably way more interesting than the hiphop scene in your home town. “Forget about nomads and monks! It’s hip hop that’s making Mongolia move in the 21st century. Mongolian Bling jumps into the […]


    The wild beauty, massive scale and sheer remoteness of Mongolia has been capturing the imagination of adventurers for centuries. This aerial video by Tim Browning elegantly captures Mongolia from the air and gives just a glimpse into what life is like in this ancient land.

    Burma Sailing

    The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar is one of the last great unexplored regions of the world. With over 800 islands, most of which are uninhabited, you can’t help but feel like a modern day Robinson Crusoe as you sail from island to island, exploring untouched beaches and snorkelling pristine coral reef systems. The only other […]

    Three Fishermen at Inle Lake

    Sunrise in Malaysia sees three fisherman starting their day on Inle Lake.

    The Eagle Hunter

    Image captured in Mongolia in the Altai Mountain Range and close to the Chinese border.

    Taiwan’s Culture

    This colorful character sits on firecrackers in Taiwain to entertain parade goers.

    The Glacier

    Standing inside a melting glacier in Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit.

    Hand in Hand to Myanmar

    “The beauty of that country made me challenge myself to shoot a short only using an iPhone 5S in 120fps mode.” – Eternitease.tv

    Falling for Myanmar

    “Whether soaring over 2,000 pagodas at sunrise in Bagan, boating through Inle Lake’s floating fishing villages, or simply interacting with the locals, you quickly realize Myanmar is a true gem. Armed with a couple of Canons and overpriced lenses, we shot this during our 9 day adventure in Myanmar. We’ve never met a kinder, more hospitable […]

    Little Ants at Hailuogou Glacier

    People wandering around China’s Hailuogou Glacier looking like little ants.