Surf the Greats

Surf the Greats is a Toronto-based collective of adventure seekers who reject the notion that surfing is only worthwhile on salty ocean barrels, and instead are fostering a community of people who get out after it on the Great Lakes. Started by two friends, a Brazilian and a South African, they teach surfing and wave forecasting in their adopted home of Toronto, or as they call it, Surf City.

“The worst snow storm of the season brought us some of the best waves we’ve seen on the Great Lakes. Temperatures nearing -20C and an offshore wind made today’s session one to be remembered… Hope you guys scored! Spread the stoke and #surfthegreats”

I live in Toronto so I see these guys out on the water all the time while walking my dog down at the beach. I love the reactions of people seeing them paddling out in the dead of winter when the waves are more slush than water.

They also run “surfaris” (surf adventure trips/camps in warm weather destinations) as well as paddle boarding lessons around the island.

For more information about what they’re up to and to book a surfari to Costa Rica, check out