Ever been so thirsty while travelling that you’d rather drink beer instead of the local water? Not a fan of being part of the disposable plastic bottle problem? Hate having to boil water for 10 minutes to remove bacteria then be forced to drink hot water? Iodine tablets taste as bad to you as they do to me?

This innovative water filter is designed specifically for you and it’s my new favourite travel accessory.

It’s called The Grayl (we’ve talked about it before) and it uses nothing more than a little bit of force from pushing one end into the other to filter out 99.999% of all bacteria, chemicals and grossness from water all over the world. I’ve now used it in dirty lakes and stagnant ponds in 3 different countries and every experience is the exact same: clean on-demand water.

The fact that they filter toilet water in this video isn’t really mind blowing — my dog drinks toilet water and he’s fine — but what really shocked me was how they filtered cola and turned it into a healthy version of Crystal Pepsi. I don’t know what’s more impressive: how simple the technology is or how good the result is.

I have the Legend cup with travel filter that retails for $89USD and it’s worth every penny.