16 cameras in 1.

Current camera technology, like mirrorless bodies and the large camera sensors in our phones, has felt iterative for awhile. The Light L16 is something that’s refreshingly different. And the results seem pretty impressive so far.

The L16 is what Light refers to as a “multi-aperture computational camera”, which I’m sure will get its own acronym treatment (MACC?) if the technology takes off. After all, nobody refers to yesterday’s camera, the DSLR, by its nerd name either: Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Regardless of what it’s called, some creative engineering has gone into this thing. 16 individual cameras packed into the same form-factor as a smartphone. 10 of those cameras fire simultaneously at different focal lengths and automatically fuses the images together to create one massive 52 megapixel image, which gives you the unique ability to choose your focus and depth of field after the shot. Kinda like the Lytro but seems much more powerful & practical.

It also shoots 4k video in 1080p at focal lengths of 35mm, 70mm, or 150mm.

Price is $1,699 but they’re offering a pre-launch discount of $400, so you can reserve it now for just $1,299.