We love drones. More accurately, we love the footage and photos that can only be captured with drones.

We love drones and aerial filmmaking so much that we’ve even created a whole collection on this very topic, titled the New Perspectives collection and partnered with DJI, the most reputable company in the space, to show stunning views of the world in new and interesting ways.

But we also recognize that, like any disruptive technology or business, drones are facing a seemingly uphill battle, both legal and PR. Between the government of Nepal banning drones to that idiot who mounted a handgun to a drone, there’s no shortage of stories in the news that have people up in arms about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UASs).

Used responsibly, drones are an incredible tool with a variety of applications, many of which have yet to even be discovered. From humanitarian uses like the air ambulance project or assisting in search and rescue to commercial uses like real estate, agriculture and of course delivery thanks to companies like Amazon, DHL and Google, drones are inevitably changing the way not only we see the world but also reshaping conventional wisdom of what’s possible with technology.

The folks over at Vound Software and Ghergich & Co. have put together this handy infographic that shows some of the challenges drone manufacturers and enthusiasts face as well as helps to clarify drone regulations and even has some tips for safe, responsible flying. All good stuff to know if we all want to keep enjoying these beautiful aerial videos from around the world.