Boswell survived by grabbing the grizzly's face, prying open its jaws and screaming until the bear ran back into the woods

Two British ice climbers have narrowly escaped an encounter with a grizzly bear in Canada’s Banff National Park.

Greg Boswell and Nick Bullock were climbing Mount Wilson on Nov. 29 when the bear began chasing Boswell.

Bullock has since written about the encounter on his blog:

I spun to watch Greg sprint past me and in hot pursuit was a Grizzly. The bear bounded, pulling and pushing the snow with powerful legs. The snow lapped its belly and didn’t appear to slow it. Greg ran out of sight and the carnivorous freight train passed me, snorting and growling and bounding, dusting me with spindrift – it looked at me for a second, and for a second I thought this is it, this is really fucking it, but in that second the bear had spotted Greg had fallen.

Fortunately for both Boswell and Bullock, Greg Boswell and Mick Fanning must have went to the same survival summer camp:

it bit straight though his brand new boot as if it were a carpet slipper. It lunged once more and crunched into his shin, placing a paw on his other leg before lifting him off the ground. I’m not sure at this point what other people would do, but Boswell is Boswell and the bear just didn’t appreciate this, he grabbed the bear’s mouth and prized apart the jaws, pushing, and screaming.